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Landscape maintenance is an important function in keeping your landscape healthy, safe, clean, and attractive. Using tools help in periodic weeding, fertilizing, gardening, lawn care, snow removal, and more. Landscaping equipment is necessary to keep your yard in good condition. Some of the causes of landscaping equipment failure are improper operation, improper maintenance, poor electrical connections, overuse of equipment, improper storage, and more. The Rental Shop Ltd offers landscaping equipment repairs in Newfoundland and Labrador and surrounding areas. We repair snow blowers, land mowers, aerators, rototillers, and more.

Aeration involves soil perforation in order to bring air and water in close contact. This process helps to remove dissolved gases and also oxidize dissolved metals such as hydrogen sulfide, iron, and volatile organic chemicals. Aeration helps to achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn. Spring is the best time to aerate your lawns. A rototiller is a landscaping equipment that helps to loosen soil before to planting. This equipment helps to aerate pathways and non-planted areas during the growing season. At The Rental Shop Ltd, we service rototillers to improve your lawn's soil structure.

At The Rental Shop Ltd, our experienced and knowledgeable professionals have the necessary tools to repair your equipment in a timely manner. Snow blowers redirect snow away from your driveway by rolling through the snow. If you have any questions about our landscaping equipment rentals, call us today!



Our experienced professionals offer Graco® paint pump servicing.

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